CSAM 5 upgrades

Modernization of existing equipment and integration of new installations and equipments:

  • Replacement of the piston compressor with a screw compressor.
  • Supplying the screw compressor asynchronous motor and the auxiliary services electro motors (traction motors ventilation, main transformer ventilation, main transformer oil pump) with a three-phase static converters systems in redundant system.
  • Replacement of the driving desks with new desks with ergonomic distribution of the command, measurement and control equipment.
  • Introduction of the programmable machine ICOL designated to make the commands for the force circuits and auxiliary circuits.
  • Replacement of the command controller for the voltage steps with stick type controller.
  • Mounting on the driving desk a color graphic display for displaying the status of the force and auxiliary circuits while driving the locomotive.
  • Mounting in the driving cabin an air conditioning installation composed of air conditioning module for cooling the cabin and electric heaters with self protect for heating the cabin.
  • Replacement of the S7 block with a S7 block, reconditioning from the old block only the existing pneumatic equipment. Replacement of the S8 block with two new block modules distributed in the machine room S8a and S8b.
  • Replacement of the direct current motor, for driving the graduator with brushless motor.
  • Replacement of the measurement and recording of speed installation Hassler type with measurement end recording of speed installation with non volatile memory IVMS type with INDUSI and DVS.
  • Replacement of the oil cooling system for the main transformer with redundant system with three fans.
  • Mounting active and reactive energy meter.
  • Replacement the direct current shareholders of the auxiliary compressor with shareholder with asynchronous motor supplied with three-phase static converter.
  • Installation for location, diagnosis and data transfer GPS-GSM.
  • Mounting two separate radio channels for each driving position.
  • Mounting the measuring module of insulation resistance in force electrical circuits and auxiliary services.
  • Mounting the fire detection installation.

Optional upgrades:

  • Replacement of the central lights and the corner lights with LED lights.
  • Replacement of the cabin and the engine room lightning with LED lights.
  • Mounting of bogies lightning installation.
  • Mounting of measurement and control of axles temperature installation.
  • Mounting of safety installation for Hungary.